The heart of our hospitality

When you enter Chasa Allegra and turn left, you enter the Big Room, the heart of our hospitality.  Guests eat in this room, chat, read, play, do nothing, sit on the balcony and marvel at the panorama of the world.  

The beauty of the mountains is that they always stay the same.  Our Piz Pisoc stays the same, a loyal friend, so full of wonder, that he always takes my breath away.

On the other hand, I cannot get enough of the changes that come with each season or even on a single day:  the sun rises, the sun sets; the clouds come in, the clouds drift away; blue skies rule endlessly, blue skies are nowhere to be seen; snow covers everything, the snow is but a dream…

And when the fields turn green, later a deeper green and then even greener and colorful when the Larch pine trees are no longer green but suddenly golden… such beauty can be found nowhere else like here in Ftan, in Engadin.